Ordering & delivery


All our products are standard organic, 100% plant-based, gluten- and refined sugars free. However, there may occur traces of grains or other potential allergens in the final product. We buy and cook with raw material that do not contain gluten itself and we work in a gluten-free space (the baker is gluten intolerant as well and doesn’t take the chances ;). Still, we can never be 100% sure that the end product is gluten free, as we’re a small company dependent on multiple factors including manufacturers, suppliers and their terms.


As we just started our mission we are not (yet) certified gluten-free but aspire to be certified organic as well as gluten-free in the future. Still, most of our products are certified organic and glutenfree.


Since we moved from home to another location, we do not make deliveries anymore. Everything can be picked up (according to the agreement made between both parties) bij WAAR (1st floor), Juliana van Stolbergstraat 25, 5038 AM Tilburg.
If you would like to place a bigger order or have special wishes (due to your health conditions) please contact us min. 5 days ahead. We need some time to work it out for you 🙂

We are working with savings card, started 1st of January, 2017. On this way we can say thank you! to all our returning customers, who are really lovely by the way (they’re all supporting our mission to make this world a better place!).

We also designed a Gift Card for you, introduced in February 2018. At this moment you can purchase it at our lunchroom, but the intention is to introduce it within this webshop so you can easily order online. Give us some time to fix it, we’ll be back with it asap 🙂